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Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim wants to get public money for his campaign for governor, but the state told him no. That’s because of his past public corruption convictions.

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Despite a veto from Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy, state lawmakers from Bridgeport are continuing to push for a thermal heating loop in the city. The loop would run underground, and provide steam to heat downtown buildings from several sources including the city’s waste-to-energy plant.

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Bridgeport, Connecticut’s Barnum Museum is getting a $15,000 grant to expand its circus-themed exhibits and help it re-open to the public. Most of the museum has been closed since it was hit by a tornado in 2010.

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The Bridgeport Board of Education proposed changes to magnet school admission and performance standards at its meeting in June, in order to make magnet schools more accessible and ensure magnet students receive adequate support.

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A Bridgeport ethics commissioner says he will not resign after being charged with patronizing a prostitute.