Davis Dunavin

Former Bridgeport, Connecticut mayor and convicted felon Joe Ganim is back in his old job. Ganim was sworn in at a ceremony in Bridgeport Tuesday night.

At his inauguration, Ganim said he’d sought redemption from voters for what he called his mistakes.

“I’ve learned that in America, if you’re true to a cause, work hard, and are not afraid to ask for a second chance, you can find that moment of redemption,” he said.

Bridgeport Library Becomes Hub For Small Business

Nov 30, 2015
Cassandra Basler

The aroma of evergreen embers filled the conference room at the Bridgeport Public Library, but it wasn’t coming from the fire that burned in the stone hearth.

Cindy Carpien

There were some 500 factories in Bridgeport, Connecticut at the turn of the last century. They made products that were sold all over the world — everything from sewing machines, to ammunition, to lingerie. One of those factories, owned by the Warner Brothers Corset Company, made one of the most popular corsets in the world.

Cassandra Basler

Bridgeport’s old Remington Arms factory pumped out bullets during World War II. A $10 million federal grant awarded this month may bring a new train station to the site where it stood.

Metro-North Railroad’s New Haven Line passes by abandoned factories and vacant lots on the Bridgeport’s East Side. Here, Federal money will help design a second train station for the city- the Barnum Station.

Ann Lopez

In Connecticut, Bridgeport Mayor elect Joe Ganim held his first press conference since winning the mayoral race. Ganim was Bridgeport’s mayor for 12 years before he was convicted on federal corruption charges.  He served 7 years in prison.  

At the press conference, Ganim preempted questions about his history by saying his supporters remember his successes as mayor more than his mistakes.