budget deficit

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This year’s regular Connecticut legislative session ends at midnight on Wednesday. For lawmakers their work will continue in a special sessions because they are have not reached an agreement on the state’s next two-year budget.  

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Republicans in the Connecticut Senate announced on Wednesday that they are rejecting a labor concession agreement negotiated by Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy and state employee union leaders. The deal is for $1.5 billion in labor givebacks to help balance the state’s next two-year budget.

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Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy released a revised two-year state budget that reduces aid to many municipalities by another $362 million in the first year while boosting aid to poorer communities.

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Connecticut Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy is pushing back on allegations that his administration is holding off until after the November 8 election to let voters know Connecticut is facing huge budget deficit projections.

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Thirty additional Connecticut state employees who work in executive branch agencies have received layoff notices since May 3.