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Connecticut House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz announced today that he’ll schedule a vote on the state’s two-year budget for next Thursday, September 14.  The budget is already more than two months late, leaving Governor Dannel Malloy in charge of state spending under his limited executive authority.

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Members of the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities say Governor Dannel Malloy’s new report on the level of state aid to cities and towns is unfair. On Wednesday, 25 municipal leaders went to the state Capitol to protest the report.

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Despite a veto from Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy, state lawmakers from Bridgeport are continuing to push for a thermal heating loop in the city. The loop would run underground, and provide steam to heat downtown buildings from several sources including the city’s waste-to-energy plant.

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The Connecticut Senate voted along party lines to approve a state employee labor concession deal on Monday. Democratic Lt. Governor Nancy cast the tie-breaking vote in an equally divided chamber. Democrats say the deal helps save $1.5 billion in the state’s next two-year budget. That budget is projected to be $5 billion in deficit.

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Connecticut has not had a budget since July 1. Since then, Governor Dannel Malloy has been in charge of state spending by executive authority. This has meant a cut in funding to a number of social agencies, including those that provide assistance to people with disabilities.