Central Connecticut State University

(AP Photo/Dave Collins)

In 2013, Connecticut was the first state in the nation to require a massive study on traffic stop data to see if there is systematic racial profiling.

Researchers at Central Connecticut State University have been analyzing the traffic stop data from local police departments around the state for the past four years.  And they want police departments to adopt a new technology so they can get better data. They have found that some police departments still use paper forms when reporting traffic stops, and don’t always submit them.

Post Traumatic-Stress Disorder is a fairly common diagnosis among veterans returning from battle in Iraq and Afghanistan. But the psychological impact of war on soldiers is hardly new.

Professor Matt Warshauer of Central Connecticut State University has been researching instances of PTSD during the Civil War, which was then referred to as Soldier's Heart. His research has been tripped up by a relatively modern medical issue: privacy.