classical music highlights

Ravel's String Quartet in F is a wistful look back at the classical style of Haydn. We'll enjoy it tonight.  

Although he's primarily remembered as a film composer whose credits include Titanic and Avatar, James Horner wrote a double concerto for a brother and sister duo, just because they asked nicely.  We'll enjoy "Pas de Deux" this morning.  

"Perpetual Motion" pieces of music give performers a workout, and tonight we'll enjoy two of them, from Samuel Barber and Nicolo Paganini.  

Mozart remained a child at heart, and today we'll enjoy two of his pieces from a child's point of view: variations on a nursery song, and a child's complaint about winter.  

Frederick Delius ran away from his family home in England to work on his uncle's citrus plantation in Florida.  He sends us a postcard tonight with his "Florida Suite."