classical music highlights

Antonin Dvorak didn't have any specific stories for each of his Legends; instead, he invited listeners to make up their own tales, which you can do as we enjoy them tonight.

Carl Nielsen had to use his imagination to create a soundscape of the ancient Middle East for his exotic Aladdin Suite. We'll enjoy it today.

Felix Mendelssohn's sister Fanny was also a gifted pianist, and he wrote a concerto for two pianos so he could perform with her.  We'll enjoy it tonight.

Michael O'Neill

Gidon Kremer once said, "With Bach, you're never alone," whether you're playing or listening. Tonight we'll enjoy Yo-Yo Ma's performance of Bach's First Suite for Solo Cello.

David Diamond wrote his Rounds for String Orchestra during World War II, at the request of New York Philharmonic conductor Dmitri Mitropoulos to give audiences an escape. We'll enjoy it today.