classical music highlights

Joquim Raff's symphony "In Summer" begins during the midday heat, and takes us into a forest with an Elven hunting party. We'll enjoy it tonight.

Apparently even Haydn had a hard time keeping up with how the world was reinventing itself. His Symphony No. 64 begins with the quote, "The Times are Changed, and in them changed are we." We'll enjoy it this morning.

Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 3 is thought to be the most difficult concert ever written, and playing it is like climbing Mount Everest. Stephen Hough takes up the challenge tonight.

George Gershwin's Three Preludes for Piano were influenced by the music he heard all around him, including the Blues. We'll enjoy them this morning.

We'll hit the road tonight with an awesome playlist that includes Vaughan Williams' "Songs of Travel," set to poems by Robert Louis Stevenson.