classical music highlights

Beethoven was in such a rush to finish his Piano Concerto No. 3 before the premiere that he didn't have time to write all of his piano solo part, which baffled his page turner no end, having to turn blank page after page. Luckily for Mitsuko Uchida, he did write it down eventually and we'll enjoy it tonight.

Recently archeologists discovered Turkish pottery, and other fragments from the time Tintagel Castle was inhabited by the Romans in England, but its real claim to fame is that, according to legend, it's where King Arthur was born! We'll enjoy Arnold Bax's impression, Tintagel, this morning.

Tonight we'll enjoy a set of variations George Gershwin wrote on his song, "I Got Rhythm" for piano and orchestra.

As we make the transition from summer to autumn this week, today we'll enjoy Frederick Delius' impressions of all four seasons in his Yorkshire home: North Country Sketches.

The poor viola often gets overshadowed by the soaring melodies of the violin, or the deeper resonance of the cello, but Keith Jarrett wanted to give the viola a chance to shine in his Bridge of Light, which he says he wrote for "the viola's big heart." We'll enjoy it today.