classical music highlights

Jacques Offenbach wrote his Ballet of the Snowflakes as part of a theatrical production of Jules Verne's novel, From the Earth to the Moon, and it seems it was snowing on the moon when the brave explorers arrived! We'll enjoy the ballet today.

In the mid 20th century, Stravinsky was looking for inspiration, and he found it in music written during the Age of Enlightenment. We'll enjoy his Symphony in Three Movements tonight.

This morning Debussy invites us to accompany him to the seashore with his suite, La Mer/The Sea. It's like spending a day at the ocean!

Tonight we'll continue our birthday bash for Franz Schubert with a performance of his Symphony No. 9, which was inspired by Beethoven's Ninth Symphony.

We'll be celebrating Schubrt's birthday all day today, with many of his most beloved pieces, including the "Trout" Quintet, and musical birthday cards from fellow composers, too.