classical music highlights

By the time American jazz traveled all the way to Russia, it had changed a lot in translation, as we'll hear in the first Jazz Suite by Shostakovich this morning. 

You can stay in this Valentine's evening and enjoy music inspired by some classic Hollywood romantic films, including "Now, Voyager."

Our music today covers the whole love spectrum,  from Daphnis' daring rescue of his beloved Chloe from pirates, to the times when it doesn't go quite so smoothly with Carl Nielsen's "Serenade in Vain."

Tonight we'll enjoy Ravel's Piano Concerto in G, written in the 1920s, and inspired by the American jazz that was all the rage in Paris.

Benjamin Britten looked back to England's first Golden Age, with his opera, "Gloriana," named for the first Queen Elizabeth.  We'll enjoy the Courtly Dances today.