classical music highlights

When the young woman Dvorak intended to marry dumped him, he recycled the love songs he had written for her into little pieces for string quartet.  We'll enjoy his "Cypresses" this morning.  

Although it may seem as though Brahms wrote his music long ago and far away, his String Sextet has its world premiere in Boston!  We'll enjoy it tonight.  

This morning Frederic Chiu re-creates Beethoven's Fifth Symphony with a transcription by Franz Liszt.  

Traveling to Indonesia was a revelation for American composer Lou Harrison. Tonight we'll enjoy one of his pieces that incorporates the traditional gamelan, "Playing Together."  

Max Richter says his love of the Beach Boys and the Beatles' "Abbey Road" album influenced his re-mix of Vivaldi's "Summer" from the Four Seasons.  We'll enjoy it this morning.