classical music highlights

Haydn appreciated the enthusiasm of London's audiences for his symphonies, and he held their attention by including some musical tricks and surprises in his music. We'll enjoy one of them today.

Our music tonight looks to the heavens, with the Lennon/McCartney classic, "Across the Universe" and Bartok's piece for children, "Stars, Stars Brightly Shine!"

You're invited to spend a perfect day from a child's point of view as we enjoy Prokofiev's suite "A Summer Day."

Osvaldo Golijov says the inspiration for his choral piece, Oceana, was a visit to the Haydn Planetarium and seeing how all the continents with different cultures are connected by the world's oceans. We'll enjoy it tonight.

Johann Sebastian Bach continued his family's musical legacy by teaching his sons how to perform and compose. This morning Simone Dinnerstein performs one of his teaching pieces: The Keyboard Partita No. 1.