classical music highlights

As we make the transition from summer to autumn this week, today we'll enjoy Frederick Delius' impressions of all four seasons in his Yorkshire home: North Country Sketches.

The poor viola often gets overshadowed by the soaring melodies of the violin, or the deeper resonance of the cello, but Keith Jarrett wanted to give the viola a chance to shine in his Bridge of Light, which he says he wrote for "the viola's big heart." We'll enjoy it today.

Tonight we'll enjoy Zemlinsky's retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's classic tale, The Little Mermaid, and Ravel's impression of the mermaid, Ondine.

Today we'll enjoy a few pieces performed on different instruments than they were written for, including a concerto for two pianos by Shostakovich arranged for brass ensemble.

Robert Schumann was so exuberant about his new job in Dusseldorf, that he wrote a symphony in celebration of the Rhine River, which runs through it.  We'll enjoy his Rhenish Symphony tonight.