Common Core
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In New York almost 98 percent of school budgets were approved in statewide voting Tuesday, including the majority of school districts asking for overrides of the state’s mandatory property tax cap.

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The New York State Legislature elected three new members to the Board of Regents last week. Now the majority of the Board disagrees with the previous leadership, which pushed the Common Core learning standards and the tests linked to them.

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New York education commissioner Mary Ellen Elia spent nearly four hours before the legislative budget committees. Though there is a moment of calm as the state pulls back from some of the more controversial parts of the Common Core standards, her testimony revealed potential trouble later in the school year if the test boycotting movement continues.

This past year the Common Core teaching standards in Math and English were in a state of upheaval in New York, and it looks like there will be more changes for the teaching standards in 2016.

The Innovation Trail’s Solvejg Wastvedt takes a closer look at what may change for three specific aspects of the Common Core curriculum.

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The state’s education commissioner said no new laws are needed to reverse a proposal in this year’s state budget tying teacher performance reviews more closely to standardized tests. At the December Board of Regents meeting, members voted to postpone the effects of the tests on teacher evaluations until for at least four more years.