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Conn. Lawmakers Narrowly Pass Budget On Final Day Of Session

Jun 3, 2015
AP Photo/Jessica Hill

Democratic legislative leaders on Wednesday were able to push through a two-year, $40.3 billion Democratic budget on the final night of the legislative session, despite opposition from some lawmakers in their own party, Republicans and some of the state's major employers.

Minutes before the General Assembly's deadline to adjourn, the Senate voted 19-17 in favor of the package, which raised a range of taxes by about $2 billion over two years, including the personal income tax for wealthy residents and various business taxes.

AP Photo/Jessica Hill

Update: April 30- The Connecticut Legislature's Finance Committee has approved a plan that includes tax hikes of $1.8 billion over two years.

The plan increases the income tax rate for Connecticut's wealthiest residents. It also lowers the overall sales tax rate, but extends it to new services, like accounting, dry cleaning, and veterinary services.

Ebong Udoma

Connecticut’s Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy and the Democrats who control the state legislature announced on Friday that they have reached an agreement on a revised budget. The $18.7 billion dollar budget deal follows the disclosure earlier this week that a $500 million budget surplus projected in January had shrunk to $43 million.

GOP leaders in the Connecticut legislature criticized Governor Dannel Malloy’s budget projections on Monday. The Republican leaders said the numbers don’t add up in the governor ’s 2015 budget proposal. 

Conn. Governor's Office

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy is proposing using some of the state’s projected budget surplus this year for a sales and gas tax refund. The governor’s refund proposal comes in an election year.