Conn. Department of Social Services

Connecticut lawmakers are having trouble regulating urgent care centers because they do not know how to define them.

Connecticut’s Department of Social Services has to implement time limits on a Medicaid program that helps some low-income people with brain injuries get job skills, in order to comply with guidelines from the federal government.

The federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services sent out a memo to all 50 states in 2011 saying that “prevocational training” — or lessons in general skills, like dealing with people and time management, so people with brain injuries can get prepared for the workplace — should have a time limit.

The acting CEO of the embattled Norwalk anti-poverty agency NEON is refuting rumors that the agency is about to close. 

Robert Mislow

Smith House in Stamford, Connecticut is one of only two nursing homes operated by a city or town in the state. But city leaders are struggling to keep up with its rising costs. WSHU's Kaomi Goetz reports that changes in how Connecticut approaches long-term care is testing the viability of Smith House and other nursing homes across the state.