On December 7, 1941, the battleship USS Oklahoma capsized during the attack on Pearl Harbor. A total of 429 officers and sailors were killed or declared missing.



Republican lawmakers are questioning why a Connecticut commission voted to give millions of dollars to the world’s largest hedge fund, when state programs that serve vulnerable residents are being cut to bridge a state budget gap.

M. Spencer Green / AP

The passage of a tough Connecticut budget that calls for cuts to social spending and the layoff of state workers has caused some Democratic lawmakers to not seek re-election to their seats in the General Assembly.

TSA: Help Keep Security Lines Moving By Being Prepared

May 26, 2016
Seth Wenig / AP

The Transportation Security Administration says travelers can help keep the line at the airports moving by being prepared as they approach the security checkpoint.

State of Connecticut Judicial Branch

The Connecticut Supreme Court has upheld its landmark ruling declaring the state's death penalty unconstitutional and abolishing capital punishment.