The first round of results from Connecticut's new standardized exams show more students than expected are excelling at English language arts, but math skills remain a challenge, according to scores released Friday.

The math scores matched state estimates, but Education Commissioner Dianna Wentzell said there is "significant room for improvement'' and announced a new council to assist teachers that will be made up of educators, industry and business leaders and experts in math, science and technology.

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Connecticut Comptroller Kevin Lembo said a state crackdown on unproven compound drugs has saved the state about $2 million a month on prescription medications since May.

Compound drugs are mixtures of different medicines created by a pharmacist. They can be made for legitimate reasons, like if a child has difficulty swallowing and needs a pill turned into a liquid form.

Conn. Dept. of Labor

Connecticut employers added 4,100 jobs in July, pushing the unemployment rate down to 5.4 percent, from 5.7 percent, its lowest since May 2008, the state Department of Labor said Thursday. The U.S. unemployment rate in July was 5.3 percent.

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60 years ago, Bill Haley and His Comets performed their #1 hit, “Rock Around the Clock,” on Ed Sullivan’s CBS variety show.

Momentum is building for a $15-an-hour minimum wage in Connecticut, at least for some workers, given the formation of a new low-wage worker advisory panel and this week's recommendation to raise pay for fast-food workers in neighboring New York, according to some state lawmakers and activists.