Connecticut budget

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Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy has called for bipartisan talks on the state budget. Malloy said that a shortfall in the state's $20 billion budget has widened by $120 million. That's on top of more than a $100 million in cuts he made last month to balance the budget.

Malloy blamed the shortfall on a significant down turn in the stock market and lower than expected revenue from personal income. Speaking to reporters, Malloy said he wants Democratic and Republican legislative leaders to come up with their own ideas to balance the budget.  

Keno may soon be legal in Connecticut. It’s a lottery-like electronic game, and lawmakers say it could bring in between $30 and $60 million a year in state revenue. The state faces a projected deficit of more than a billion dollars a year.

Governor Dannel Malloy wants lawmakers to call a special session to re-examine taxes in the budget. Once Malloy signs the budget into law, residents could expect to see Keno within six months.

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More than two years after it was convened, the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission has concluded its work. The commission presented its 277-page final report to Gov. Dannel Malloy Friday. Malloy formed the group in early 2013 to make recommendations for policy changes in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut in December of 2012.

Connecticut’s projected budget surplus has dropped by 90 per cent since January. That’s based on numbers released by state officials on Wednesday. This is going to make negotiating a balanced budget a bit more difficult for Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy and state legislative leaders.

The Appropriations Committee of the Connecticut General Assembly approved a revised state budget on Thursday that spends $12 million more than was recommended by Governor Dannel Malloy. The plan was approved by a vote of 26 to 19.