Connecticut General Assembly

Craig LeMoult

Gun rights activists and gun control supporters are at odds over a bill that would compel Connecticut individuals to produce their permit to carry a firearm at the request of police.

The Coalition of Connecticut Sportsmen is opposing the legislation, telling members of the legislature's Public Safety Committee Thursday the bill infringes on gun owners' constitutional rights.

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The Connecticut Automotive Retail Association says the latest legislative effort to allow electric car-maker Tesla Motors to sell directly to consumers is too broad.

CARA President James Fleming said Tuesday this year's version of the bill would allow all electric vehicle manufacturers to sell directly to consumers, not just Tesla.

CARA is teaming up with General Motors and the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers to oppose the legislation. 

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Connecticut lawmakers passed a plan Tuesday with mostly Democratic votes to fix the state's mid-year budget deficit by cutting spending and shifting money from accounts, while also pledging to scrutinize state employee overtime and possibly close some state facilities for the disabled.

The plan also reduces some business taxes in hopes of improving the state's business climate.

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Republican lawmakers in the Connecticut General Assembly are calling for a special legislative session to address Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy's mid-year budget cuts. In September, Malloy announced more than $100 million in cuts to hospitals and human services programs.

Republicans responded in September by calling for a special session. On Tuesday, Senate Minority Leader Len Fasano again urged lawmakers who disagree with Malloy's cuts to "rethink this budget to prevent a health care crisis.''

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In the state of Connecticut, it's currently legal to have an open container of alcohol in a moving car, and even to drink from it. As long as you're not the driver.

In allowing that, the state's in select company. Only 10 other states permit "drunk riding," including Mississippi, where you can actually drink and drive, as long as you stay below the legal blood alcohol limit of 0.08 percent.