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Months after ruling to abolish capital punishment completely in Connecticut, the state's Supreme Court gave state attorneys another chance Thursday to argue that convicts who were on death row at the time of a 2012 state repeal law should still face execution.

The 11 inmates on death row have remained in legal limbo since the August ruling as prosecutors waited to argue the appeal.

Davis Dunavin

Former Bridgeport, Connecticut mayor and convicted felon Joe Ganim is back in his old job. Ganim was sworn in at a ceremony in Bridgeport Tuesday night.

At his inauguration, Ganim said he’d sought redemption from voters for what he called his mistakes.

“I’ve learned that in America, if you’re true to a cause, work hard, and are not afraid to ask for a second chance, you can find that moment of redemption,” he said.

Book Review: The Invaders

Nov 30, 2015

I don’t know why Karolina Waclawiak called her new novel “The Invaders”or why she allowed a poolside photo from decades ago to adorn the cover. Ignore these distractions, and you’ll find yourself involved in an absorbing tale that may remind you of the witty, satiric critiques of suburban America by John Cheever and John Updike. And maybe, also, of a lot of sex-and-drug-fueled soaps on TV– except that The Invaders is literature.

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Hartford, Connecticut saw dueling groups of protests Saturday over whether to accept Syrian refugees in the state.

Last Thanksgiving, Wilfredo Gutierrez was in prison for shoplifting. For two Thanksgivings before that, he was on the streets.

This Thanksgiving, he’s living in a spare one-bedroom apartment in West Haven. There’s a little furniture, including a couch his son bought him. Gutierrez has been married twice and has five children.