Johnathon Henninger

Two Connecticut state senators left their posts today as part of a bipartisan deal in the General Assembly to preserve the even party split in the state Senate.

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Bird lovers may see a lot less of the piping plover on the region’s beaches this summer. The little black-and-white shorebirds’ winter habitat in the Bahamas was hit hard by Hurricane Matthew last year, taking a heavy toll on the birds.

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People accused of committing a crime have a right to free legal representation from a public defender. That doesn’t apply to civil cases, but a Connecticut task force wants to change that.

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The architect Philip Johnson spent most of his life on an estate in New Canaan, Connecticut, surrounded by buildings he’d built himself – most famously, a glass house. He built the rectangular one-room structure on his 50-acre New Canaan estate in 1949. Although Johnson’s skyscrapers shape the skylines of Manhattan, Pittsburgh and Madrid, the Glass House remains his most famous work.

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The next U.S. Congress convenes tomorrow with Republicans in control of both the House and Senate. The repeal of the Affordable Care Act is top on their agenda, but Senator Chris Murphy, D-Conn., says the Republicans might not find that easy to do.