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Connecticut Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy is pushing back on allegations that his administration is holding off until after the November 8 election to let voters know Connecticut is facing huge budget deficit projections.


The fictional town of Stars Hollow is the backdrop of the cult TV show Gilmore Girls. But Stars Hollow is based on the real town of Washington, Connecticut – and Washington will be the site of a three-day Gilmore Girls fan festival this weekend in anticipation of the show’s return in November.

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More than 400 people overdosed on opioids, like heroin and painkillers, last year in Connecticut, but an addiction psychotherapist in Westport is hoping that a new time-released treatment can help opioid users get clean.

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Connecticut State police are investigating the death of a UConn student on Sunday morning at the Storrs campus. Officials say Jeffny Pally, a sophomore from West Hartford, was struck and killed by a university fire vehicle.

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The mayor of Connecticut’s largest city says he balanced the city’s budget within the first six months of his term. Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim says he did this by selling land and collecting overdue taxes, among other things.

Ganim says he inherited a $20 million budget deficit from his predecessor Bill Finch. Ganim is a former mayor and ex-convict. He defeated Finch in a heated primary last year. Av Harris, Ganim’s spokesperson, alleges Finch didn’t tell Ganim about the deficit.