Davis Dunavin

Maker culture is based on the idea that people can build interesting things with their own hands: high-tech things like robots, or simple household crafts. Some makers got together recently at Tunxis Community College in Farmington, Connecticut.

Davis Dunavin

The New England Cottontail rabbit used to be common in New England. 85 percent of their habitat disappeared in the last half-century due to human development. The federal government considered listing them as endangered.

(AP Photo/Douglas Healey)

Bridgeport, Connecticut mayor Bill Finch said he’ll go to court to challenge a decision from the Secretary of the State saying he cannot appear on the ballot this November as a third-party mayoral candidate.

Davis Dunavin

Over the weekend, re-enactors recreated a minor battle in the Revolutionary War.

If you were driving on the Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge, (or, as locals call it, the Quinnipiac River, or Q, Bridge) on I-95 in New Haven on Saturday afternoon, you may have seen an unusual sight. Thousands of people walked across the newly completed southbound side, where three new lanes are opening up Sept. 28.

The Connecticut Department of Transportation had invited residents to the bridge’s Grand Opening celebration. Or, a bridge party- complete with food trucks, ice cream, and views of the Quinnipiac River that commuter Barb Nangel said she’d probably never get to see again.