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In the early hours of Wednesday morning, the Connecticut House of Representatives passed a package of bills that would ultimately allow a third casino to be built in East Windsor. The Connecticut Mirror reports that the bill passed in a lopsided vote of 103-46.

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A research boat called the Spirit of the Sound glides away from the pier at Norwalk’s Maritime Aquarium and across Norwalk Harbor. Boats like this one are about to start checking water quality at bays and harbors ranging from Queens to Rhode Island.

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This year’s regular Connecticut legislative session ends at midnight on Wednesday. For lawmakers their work will continue in a special sessions because they are have not reached an agreement on the state’s next two-year budget.  

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Scientists at Yale University have made a discovery that could lead to stronger, longer-lasting antibiotics. They’ve found a way to manufacture an ingredient that’s normally found in nature.

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Democratic and Republican lawmakers in Connecticut are blaming each other for not having a budget agreement before the state’s regular legislative session comes to end on Wednesday. In dispute is how to close a $5 billion projected deficit in the state’s next $40 billion two-year budget.