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 The Connecticut Democratic Party is changing the name of its annual fundraiser, the Jefferson Jackson Bailey Dinner. That’s because two of the dinner’s namesakes, Presidents Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson, were slave-owners.

Democratic Party spokesman Leigh Appleby said the party’s state central committee voted unanimously this week to change the name.

Connecticut state legislators have approved a change to the state’s Freedom of Information law that will allow members of the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority commission to talk to each other in private between scheduled meetings.

The commission is made up of three members. That means the number of people necessary to make decisions at a meeting is only two. So when two commissioners talked to each other about a case at any time it was considered a meeting, and had to be treated like a public hearing.

Mechanical problems have left a 111-year-old Connecticut bridge stuck in the open position, delaying Metro-North trains to and from New York City.

The Devon Movable Bridge between Stratford and Milford carries trains on the New Haven line, Waterbury branch, Amtrak and Shore Line East over the Housatonic River. It has two drawbridge spans that open vertically to allow marine traffic to pass.  

Connecticut consumers will see a change in their next monthly electric bill statement. Starting in July, consumers who use third-party suppliers for their electricity will receive bills that include the rates of their supplier and the standard rate offered by the state’s two largest utilities, Eversource and United Illuminating.

Elin Swanson Katz, the state’s Consumer Counsel, said the redesign will help consumers compare rates and get the best deal possible.

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If you love hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities, Connecticut is a great place to be. But, for residents of many of Connecticut's cities, there's not an easy way to hike or bike out of town without miles of very unnatural landscape.

Across the state, that may change soon. The next state budget contains more than $10 million to build new trails. Governor Dannel Malloy says that'll encourage people to move away from cars and toward alternate forms of transportation.