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It’s one of the world’s great literary mysteries: a 15th century book full of bizarre illustrations of imaginary plants, astrological signs, surreal figures and landscapes. Its origins are unknown, its creator anonymous. And it’s written entirely in an unknown language that’s stumped the world’s greatest codebreakers.

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On Monday, U.S. Representative Elizabeth Esty, who represents Connecticut’s 5th Congressional District, said that she won’t be seeking re-election in November. The Congresswoman's announcement came after she admitted to mishandling a claim of sexual harassment, abuse and assault from one of her staff. Esty's decision now opens the seat to competition from both Democrats and Republicans.

Sacred Heart University Political Science Professor Gary Rose recently spoke to Senior Political Reporter Ebong Udoma about the significance of the 5th Congressional District in Connecticut and how the race to fill the seat is already taking shape.

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Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy says he doesn’t think it’s necessary for U.S. Representative Elizabeth Esty to immediately resign from Congress.

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A bill that would have provided additional state assistance to thousands of homeowners with crumbling foundations in eastern Connecticut failed in the Judiciary Committee on Monday. It was defeated by a vote of 24 to 16.

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Connecticut Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty, D-CT5, said Monday that she won’t seek re-election in November. Her announcement comes a few days after she admitted to mishandling a 2016 abuse claim from one of her staffers, which prompted calls for her resignation from both Democrats and Republicans.