East Haven

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Shoreline Trolley Museum manager Wayne Sanford stepped onto a PATH train car recovered from the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

“Here it is,” he said. “It survived.”

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U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch is bringing her national community policing tour to Connecticut, where she will highlight efforts by East Haven police to improve ties with local residents after a federal probe found a pattern of discrimination and bias against Latinos by town officers.

Lynch is scheduled to visit the East Haven Police Department on Tuesday to thank officers for their service. She also is slated to meet separately with young people to discuss their interactions with police.

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U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch said Tuesday the town of East Haven has done a good job repairing the relationship between the town’s Latino community and its police. She was visiting East Haven on a national tour of cities and towns where police officers have improved their relationships with the communities they serve. 

In 2012, four East Haven police officers were arrested on federal charges for violating Latinos’ civil rights. They received prison sentences of four months to five years. 

The town of East Haven, Connecticut has reached a settlement in a civil rights lawsuit against its police department. The town will pay $450,000 to plaintiffs, and adopt heavy limits on immigration law enforcement. The settlement resolves a 2010 lawsuit. It was filed on behalf of a priest and Latino residents who alleged repeated abuses by police officers, including false arrests, illegal searches and obstruction of justice.

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The deadly crash of a private plane into two East Haven homes earlier this month, killing two children in one home as well as the pilot and his son, is raising concerns from some residents of the neighborhood close to Tweed New Haven Regional Airport.