State of Connecticut Judicial Branch

The Connecticut Supreme Court heard arguments on Thursday on a landmark case by a coalition of municipalities and concerned residents challenging the state’s public education funding formula.

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The state Board of Regents is taking steps to make it easier for teachers to become certified in New York. But the state education commissioner denies that it’s a lessening of requirements.

New York Test Scores Inch Up

Aug 23, 2017
AP Photo/Carolyn Thompson, File


The results of this year’s Common Core-related standardized tests show scores for New York’s schoolchildren inching up. About one-fifth of the children boycotted the tests altogether because of continued controversy over the Common Core learning standards.

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Connecticut public school educators are urging Governor Malloy and state lawmakers to agree on a state budget before schools reopen in two weeks. They say the lack of state budget would adversely affect public education in the state.

Connecticut To Continue Funding Pre-K Expansion

Aug 15, 2017
Elaine Thompson / AP

Connecticut plans to continue funding a pre-K expansion program despite the lack of a state budget.