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Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy is again warning that some of the state’s wealthier communities may see cuts to state aid for public education if lawmakers fail to reach a budget agreement before the end of the month.

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A few weeks ago Ben Catalfo, a 16-year-old from East Setauket, Long Island, discovered a mistake on the Geometry Regents Exam. While the New York State Department of Education initially said there was no mistake, they have decided to re-score the question.

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The State University of New York says it’s considering developing its own teacher certification program to help staff their charter schools. The schools are dealing with a teacher shortage, which has been blamed on the state’s rigorous teacher qualifications.

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The Bridgeport Board of Education proposed changes to magnet school admission and performance standards at its meeting in June, in order to make magnet schools more accessible and ensure magnet students receive adequate support.

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In 2015, President Barack Obama signed the Every Student Succeeds Act, which replaced the Bush-era No Child Left Behind Act. It allowed for states to come up with their own plans for how to best educate their students. So far, 16 states have created new education plans, including Connecticut.