Tracy Brown / Save the Sound via AP

Connecticut has a new Soundkeeper. His name is Bill Lucey. Lucey grew up in Wilton, Connecticut. As a child, he fished the Long Island for flounder and blue snapper. He dug for clams along its shores. Now he will work to keep the waters of the Sound clean for the next generation.

Wilson Ring / AP

Three energy companies purchased over 500 acres of land in order to build one of the largest solar farms on Long Island.

Oyster Bay Moves To Single-Stream Recycling

Aug 11, 2017
Dano / Creative Commons

Officials in the Town of Oyster Bay on Long Island say a new single-stream recycling program will have both a positive environmental impact and benefit taxpayers.

East Hampton To Mandate Low-Nitrogen Septic Systems

Aug 10, 2017
Jessica Opatich / WSHU

East Hampton has become the first town in Suffolk County to require low-nitrogen septic systems in all new buildings. It’s one of two laws passed to help curb nitrogen pollution in the town’s groundwater.

Mike Groll / AP

The former EPA regional administrator under President Obama says scientists who leaked the report on further evidence of climate change to the New York Times should be commended as “whistleblowers.”