3:01 pm
Tue March 10, 2015

Saved From Smugglers, 22 Baby Turtles Get A New Home in Stamford

Soundwaters educator Jessica Castoro brushes a baby Diamondback Terrapin.
Credit Greg Bilionis / SoundWaters

Over the winter, the SoundWaters nature education center in Stamford got an unexpected donation: 22 baby diamondback terrapins rescued from an international turtle-smuggling ring.

SoundWaters director Leigh Shemitz says the baby turtles came by overnight mail from Anchorage, Alaska. That’s where U.S. customs officials found more than 200 of them, in her words, “Stuffed into buckets and boxes and boots on their way to China.”

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2:10 pm
Thu February 26, 2015

Conn. Struggling To Meet EPA Ozone Standards

Traffic on I-95 in Connecticut
Credit (AP Photo/Bob Child)

As cars and trucks rumble on I-95 near Connecticut’s shoreline, they spew emissions into the air. On hot summer days, those emissions, along with the emissions from power plants and factories, cook in the sun, which turns them into ozone. Ozone is the chief component in smog.

Southern Connecticut’s ozone is some of the worst in the nation, and, while it’s much better than it was back in the 1980’s, it’s been getting worse.

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12:42 pm
Tue February 10, 2015

Conn. Lawmakers Push For Long Island Sound Study

Gov. Dannel Malloy and lawmakers at Branford, Conn.'s Owenego Resort.
Credit Davis Dunavin / WSHU

When Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy delivers his budget proposal to lawmakers next week, it’ll include funding for a comprehensive study of Long Island Sound, designed to give the state an inventory of resources like plants, animals, and minerals in the sound.

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4:59 pm
Thu October 9, 2014

Stamford joins national 2030 District network to reduce emissions

Megan Saunders, executive director of the Stamford 2030 District, speaks at the announcement in the city's downtown Thursday.
Credit Kaomi Goetz

Stamford, Conn., is the first city in New England to sign on to a national effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in urban areas by the year 2030. It's a public-private partnership of business, environmental and government leaders called the Stamford 2030 District.

2030 Districts aim to reduce emissions and consumption of water and energy by changing the way buildings are  built and operated. The group says buildings are responsible for half of all energy consumed. 

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Still thousands of contaminated sites in CT
6:22 pm
Thu August 14, 2014

EPA awards funds to help brownfield cleanups

The former Progressive Plating company, which was abandoned in 2001 (click for more photos)
Craig LeMoult

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency awarded $1.6 million on Thursday in Connecticut to help clean up abandoned and contaminated properties, known as brownfields.

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