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Suffolk County officials have unveiled their updated plan to limit the spread of southern pine beetles and to restore areas they’ve devastated.

Suffolk Prepares For Next Big Storm, With Sandy Top Of Mind

May 3, 2018
Matthew Schuerman / WNYC

It’s been five years since Hurricane Sandy, and there are still people who have not recovered.

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Two of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s political opponents were at an Earth Day rally on climate change attended by hundreds at the State Capitol, where they said the governor’s energy policies are far from adequate.

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A new partnership between Suffolk County and local schools will set up a recycling program to encourage students to be more environmentally friendly and to encourage students to form environmentally sound habits early on.

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Air quality in our region continues to rank among the worst in the country. The 2018 State of the Air Report from the American Lung Association gave failing grades in air quality to most of the counties in the region.