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With the release of its master plan for offshore wind energy, New York State is doubling down on its commitment to renewable energy at a time when the Trump administration is moving to allow coastal drilling for oil and gas.

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Groundwater tests for a possible carcinogen at hazardous waste sites in Nassau and Suffolk Counties still aren’t complete nearly a year after they were announced by New York State.

The State Department of Environmental Conservation has only completed tests on 20 percent of the 154 sites on Long Island.

Results from those tests show a few sites with elevated levels of 1,4-dioxane, a carcinogenic chemical used in solvents and consumer care products. The chemical is difficult and costly to treat once it gets into the water supply.

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A Connecticut town is asking the governor to declare a state of emergency because the river that runs through the community has become jammed with massive chunks of ice.

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A federal judge in New York says environmentalists can move ahead with a lawsuit against the federal government to stop the sale of Plum Island. Seven environmental groups, including Save the Sound, are suing the Department of Homeland Security and the General Services Administration. 

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Scientists at Yale took a look at the diet of tadpoles in suburban ponds, and they made a discovery that – fair warning – is a bit gross. It turns out human waste plays a much larger role in the suburban ecosystem than we thought.