Keith Srakocic / AP

Environmental groups in Connecticut say both the Democratic and Republican state budget proposals would impact the state’s efforts to combat climate change.

Frank Eltman / AP

The Secretary of the Navy says he will work with local authorities to clean up the toxic Bethpage groundwater plume that has spread from the former Grumman plant on Long Island.

Harvard Forest

A new wave of forest loss is underway in New England, at a rate of 65 acres a day. That's the conclusion of a new regionwide study spearheaded by a Harvard University forest research group. And the authors say New England could lose more than a million acres of forest cover over the next half-century.

Ralph Alswang / Center for American Progress Action Fund

Former Secretary of State John Kerry is at Yale University this academic year to collaborate with faculty and students. This week, he’s hosting a series of talks on the lasting impacts of climate change.

Mark Yuknat / AP Photo/RiverQuest via Washington Times

From late August to early October, as many as a million tree swallows gather on a small island near the mouth of the Connecticut River. Every evening at sunset they perform an “avian ballet” that has been called one of the “most astounding natural phenomena in the North American bird world.”