General Electric

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As GE moves its global corporate headquarters to Boston this summer, local charities are worried. They think they’re about to see a drop in giving.

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This summer GE will move its corporate headquarters to Boston from Fairfield, where it’s been since 1974. But GE’s presence in Connecticut goes back almost 100 years. When GE bought one of its first factories in Connecticut in 1920, it wasn’t because of taxes or quality of life. It was because of the Russian Revolution.

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The multi-national corporation General Electric announced they’ll move their global headquarters to Boston, Massachusetts, this summer. They’ll be leaving Fairfield, Connecticut, where they’d been based for more than 40 years. The local damage will go beyond the loss of 800 jobs.

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Before it became a boomtown, Boston's Seaport District — soon the new home of General Electric's global headquarters — was a dreary backwater.

Derided for decades as a soulless and barren wasteland, the eastern district on the waterfront long was filled with docks, warehouses and sprawling lots offering cheap parking for commuters. Today, it's undisputedly the city's hottest and fastest-growing neighborhood.

GE's move from Fairfield, Connecticut, is set to begin this summer and will be completed by 2018.

Here's a closer look at the area GE will call home:

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General Electric has announced that it’s moving its global headquarters from Fairfield, Connecticut to Boston. GE’s Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt said Boston has a diverse, tech-savvy workforce that fits with the company’s new direction.

Several states had been competing to lure GE from Fairfield since June, when the company announced that it might move because it was unhappy about tax proposals in the Connecticut legislature.