George Jepsen

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The state of Connecticut is now facing a second federal lawsuit in response to an act it passed last year allowing the Mashantucket Pequot and Mohegan tribes to open a third casino in the state.

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Attorneys General from 15 states, including Connecticut and New York, want the federal government to stop long-term care facilities, like nursing homes, from requiring that people sign a type of contract called a pre-binding arbitration agreement.

This type of agreement is designed to avoid a lawsuit. Often patients or their family members are required to sign these agreements before they’re admitted to a long term care facility.

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Connecticut State Attorney General, George Jepsen, wants to know why the price of naloxone, the antidote for an overdose from opiates like heroin, is increasing so fast.

Jepsen said the price increase could have a dire effect on public health.

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The state of Connecticut is accusing a Greenwich law firm of bilking homeowners out of $4.7 million in an alleged mortgage rescue scam. State Attorney General George Jepsen has obtained a temporary restraining order against the firm.

The order was filed on Friday in US District Court in Florida against Greenwich-based Resolution Law Group and the Florida-based Berger Law Group.

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Native American tribes who have been denied federal recognition might have another chance under proposed new rules from the Bureau of Indian Affairs. But those new rules come with a clause that leaves tribes in Connecticut unsure if they’ll ever be recognized.  It has reopened an old debate between the state of Connecticut, homeowners and tribes.