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As the richest country in the European Union, Germany stepped up to house more than 1 million immigrants during the migrant crisis in 2015. Now the German government faces one of its biggest challenges: helping refugees fit in. Germans in the City of Dresden want to help. Some wouldn’t expect it, because that city is home to the country’s largest anti-immigrant group. 

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On Thursday, more than 70,000 people welcomed former President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate. Obama and Merkel met to speak about civic engagement at the 500-year anniversary celebration of the German Protestant Church.

Why Jewish Israelis Are Moving Back to Germany

Jun 7, 2016
Courtesy of the filmmakers of 'Germans and Jews'


About 80 years after the Holocaust began, Berlin is now home to the fastest growing Jewish community in Europe. The new documentary "Germans and Jews" shows how people living in Berlin deal with Germany’s history. 


It premieres at the Greenwich International Film Festival on Thursday, and filmmakers will be there to share how their unique friendship inspired the documentary.

Murphy returns from fence-mending trip to Europe

Nov 27, 2013
WSHU file photo by Craig LeMoult

U.S. Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut returned Wednesday from a 3 day trip to Germany and Brussels. The trip was intended to help manage the relationship with Europe following news of spying there by the NSA.