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Talks on the state budget were stalled just days before the March 30 deadline, as Governor Andrew Cuomo and state lawmakers continue negotiations. Groups pressing for additional issues that are in the Governor’s budget plan have still not given up hope.  

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Members of the Connecticut General Assembly’s Judiciary Committee heard testimony on two immigration bills on Monday, one on each side of the issue. The first bill would make it more difficult for state and local officials to assist in the enforcement of federal immigration law. The other would ensure that local and state officials cooperate fully in the enforcement of federal immigration law.

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Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy has acknowledged that his nominee to be the state’s next chief justice is headed for defeat in the State Senate on Tuesday.

The Democratic Governor says Senate Republicans told him on Monday that they have the numbers to defeat Andrew McDonald, an openly gay State Supreme Court justice who is a longtime friend and ally of Malloy’s.

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The fate of Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy’s nominee to be the next chief justice of Connecticut is to be determined by a vote in the State Senate this week.  

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Last month, Staples High School in Westport went into lockdown after it was discovered that a student had expressed a desire to execute a mass shooting. That student was later arrested and no one was harmed.