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Courtesy of WTNH TV and Connecticut Association of Realtors

Four Republicans running for governor of Connecticut were asked in a debate last night if they would invite Republican President Donald Trump to campaign for them. They were pressed several times before they all accepted that they would.

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In Connecticut Democratic and Republican legislative leaders say they hope to have the votes to override Governor Dannel Malloy’s vetoes of bills that passed this year. State lawmakers are expected to be back in Hartford for a veto override session before the end of the month.

Mike Groll / AP

The business of the evenly divided New York State Senate remains stalled, as advocacy groups pressed for their bills to be acted on before the session ends in two weeks.

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In a spirited floor fight in the State Senate, Democrats tried once again but failed to get a vote on and amendment on women’s reproductive healthcare. The argument over Senate procedure led to accusations that some Republican senators were trying to “mansplain” the rules to the state’s female lieutenant governor.

Tim Roske / AP

The New York State Senate is experiencing its worst gridlock in nine years, with the two major factions tied at 31 members each. No legislation is moving through the chamber, but there’s lots of finger pointing.