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A bipartisan group of state lawmakers is pushing for an anti-bullying measure that would require schools to tell parents when their child is being bullied, or if their son or daughter is behaving like a bully towards others.

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Democratic and Republican legislative leaders in Connecticut have finally begun meeting to negotiate second-year adjustments to the $41 billion bipartisan budget they passed last year. The negotiations are starting with only a day left in the state’s legislative session, which ends at midnight on Wednesday.

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A bill before the Connecticut House of Representatives would allow school districts to share resources to help students who’ve fled Puerto Rico because of hurricane damage. The bill passed the Senate on Friday.

Johnathon Henninger

On Wednesday, Republican lawmakers in the Connecticut General Assembly released their plan for adjustments to the State’s two-year budget they passed last year.

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With fewer than ten days left in their legislative session, lawmakers in the General Assembly are expected to finally begin budget negotiations this week. They will be making some adjustments to the two-year bipartisan budget they passed last year.