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DREAMers and those displaced by Hurricane Maria piled into U.S. Representative Jim Himes’ office in Bridgeport on Tuesday. They want Himes to push Congress to give more aid to Puerto Rico and to secure a clean DREAM Act, legislation that creates a path to citizenship for immigrant youth that stands on its own, and is not tied to funding for a border wall or other immigration enforcement measure. 

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Some Democratic lawmakers are pushing for a measure that would make anonymous political ads on Facebook and other social media illegal. They say the ads are being abused to falsely represent their positions on issues.

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Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy’s State of the State address this week is being seen by Republicans as an attempt by the lame duck governor to ensure his party retains control of Connecticut this November.

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In his final State of the State address on Wednesday, Connecticut Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy says fairness is the reason why Connecticut is sticking to policies that are contrary to what he says is growing inequity in Washington. He urged state lawmakers to send a signal to the rest of the nation, and the world, that Connecticut is a place that will always recognize fairness and equality.

Jessica Hill / AP

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy is to give his final State of the State address to lawmakers at the beginning their 2018 legislative session on Wednesday. The Democrat, who’s not seeking a third term, is expected to call for the return of highway tolls, spending cuts and a range of tax changes.