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A lot of refugees have no experience with Halloween. So a group of Yale students threw a Halloween party over the weekend to introduce teens in New Haven to the holiday.

Refugees settling in the United States have a lot to juggle - learning English, finding a job, starting school. All that can make it hard to have a social life. That's why a group of teen refugees in New Haven got together with Yale students this weekend for a very American tradition - a Halloween party.

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a Halloween tradition for thousands of fans. The campy sci-fi musical is famous for rowdy screenings with props and costumes, but a Sunday night screening in New Haven upped the ante. It was part of a tour that featured one of the original stars, Barry Bostwick, who played the character Brad, plus actors reenacting the film onstage in front of a crowded theater at College Street Music Hall.

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Oct 30, 2016
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