U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

A federal housing agency is giving Connecticut $3 million to create more affordable housing for its low income residents. It’s part of the National Housing Trust Fund, which was set up in 2008 to give grant money to states to help their residents get access to affordable housing.

This is the first time the Fund has given out money to states to meet that goal.

Last Thanksgiving, Wilfredo Gutierrez was in prison for shoplifting. For two Thanksgivings before that, he was on the streets.

This Thanksgiving, he’s living in a spare one-bedroom apartment in West Haven. There’s a little furniture, including a couch his son bought him. Gutierrez has been married twice and has five children. 

Kaomi Goetz

It's one o'clock and the doors at the Open Door shelter in South Norwalk, Conn. opened for lunch. 

White, African-American, Latino - dozens of people, many of them regulars, briskly walked inside. They anticipated a square meal. On the menu on that day was baked ham and macaroni salad. The shelter serves three free meals a day. 

Craig LeMoult

Wednesday night, at about 70 shelters around Connecticut, workers counted up how many homeless people checked in for the night. Each year, shelters and homeless advocates participate in this national count to understand the extent of the homeless problem. Last year's count found more than 45 hundred homeless people in the state. WSHU’s Craig LeMoult visited a shelter in Stamford and spoke with some of the people there.