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Suffolk County authorities have added members to an intelligence unit to handle the spike in the number of gang members in the county’s jails.

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Nassau County Legislature Democrats want Sheriff Michael Sposato to resign after the district attorney found that he mishandled the case of a nurse who smuggled razors and drugs to inmates at the Nassau County Jail.

Armor Health Threatens To Pull Out Of Nassau Jail

Sep 30, 2016
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The controversy between the Nassau County jail and its medical care provider continues. Armor Correctional Health Services says it will leave the jail early next month unless the county meets a list of conditions.

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A Nassau County legislative committee wants to hire a California nonprofit to monitor the county jail’s medical provider.

Greenpeace captain heading out to sea again

Mar 10, 2014
AP/Dmitry Lovetsky

  Activist and GreenPeace ship captain, Peter Willcox, was recently released from jail in Russia along with 29 members of his crew. They were arrested for protesting Russian oil drilling in the Arctic.