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Connecticut Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy is pushing back on allegations that his administration is holding off until after the November 8 election to let voters know Connecticut is facing huge budget deficit projections.

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Republican leaders in the Connecticut General Assembly are criticizing plans by Democratic Governor Dannel P. Malloy's administration to approve a $22 million loan and grant package for one of the world's largest hedge funds.

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Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy is still pushing lawmakers to deal with his criminal justice reform bill called 'Second Chance 2.0.' The state legislature failed to bring up the bill when they passed the state budget in special session last week. 

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New congestion tolling, higher sales and gas taxes, and increased licensing fees are among a list of ideas presented Friday on how to help fund Gov. Dannel P. Malloy's proposed $100 billion overhaul of Connecticut's aging transportation infrastructure.

The revenue changes recommended by the Transportation Finance Panel wouldn't begin until fiscal year 2018. That would theoretically give state lawmakers and the voters time to change the state's constitution and institute a so-called "lock box," preventing transportation funds from being raided for other purposes.

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Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy has called for bipartisan talks on the state budget. Malloy said that a shortfall in the state's $20 billion budget has widened by $120 million. That's on top of more than a $100 million in cuts he made last month to balance the budget.

Malloy blamed the shortfall on a significant down turn in the stock market and lower than expected revenue from personal income. Speaking to reporters, Malloy said he wants Democratic and Republican legislative leaders to come up with their own ideas to balance the budget.