Long Island

Southampton Hospital Hopes To Open New Facility

Oct 20, 2016
Courtesy of Southampton Hospital

Southampton Hospital wants to build an emergency and urgent care facility in the town of East Hampton.

Long Island MacArthur Airport Expanding

Oct 20, 2016
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Long Island MacArthur Airport is expanding in order to meet federal safety standards and to attract more passengers, but a former Suffolk County commissioner for economic development says the planned expansion won’t significantly increase air traffic.

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Mangano, his wife, and Venditto all pleaded "not guilty" at their arraignment and were released after posting bond. Mangano says he is innocent and will not resign despite calls to do so from Nassau County Republican candidates who are on the ballot this Election Day.

"I have an opportunity, when at the proper time, to present my evidence that rebukes any of this nonsense that I would ever do anything that sacrifices my oath of office," Mangano says.

Mangano, his wife, and Venditto are due back in court on December 7.

Andrew Harnik / AP

With less than three weeks before elections, Hillary Clinton is even further ahead of Donald Trump in New York State, and that could affect down ballot races, including seats for the state Senate.  

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Pipeline companies are not having a lot of success in New York so far in 2016. Opponents say they are dirty and continue New York’s over-reliance on fossil fuels; two projects have already been cancelled. A pipeline company representative says the projects are not as harmful as opponents say, and they’re essential for the state’s current electric needs.