Long Island

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In Suffolk County high levels of nitrogen can be found in household wastewater, and officials call it the greatest source of water pollution on Long Island. Researchers are developing a new filter designed to help reduce nitrogen pollution in Long Island’s groundwater.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Last year Suffolk County led the state in opioid overdoses, with 150 deaths. In 2006 the state began training responders in the administration of Narcan, the opioid overdose medication. At the time the only way to administer the drug was through injection.

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Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders made the second stop in his ‘Where Do We Go From Here’ tour in Albany Friday afternoon, where he told a small but loyal group of supporters that he’ll fight to get key items into the national Democratic Party platform, including a nationwide $15 minimum wage, and has been in talks with Hillary Clinton’s campaign over a greater focus on progressive issues.

Lake Ronkonkoma Race Honors Fallen Navy SEAL

Jun 24, 2016
U.S. Navy

The 4th annual Navy SEAL LT Michael Murphy Run Around the Lake will be held Saturday morning at Lake Ronkonkoma, in honor of the fallen Navy SEAL’s sacrifice 11 years ago.

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The sound of cicadas is being heard across the Northeast right now, but the only place Long Islanders can see them this summer is in Wildwood State Park.

Professor Douglas Futuyma, with Stony Brook University's Ecology and Evolution Department, said that periodical cicadas are not like ordinary insects.