Long Island

Courtesy of Brooke Kalman

Mothers will now be able to breastfeed in the first municipal lactation station in Suffolk County.

Office of Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Governor Cuomo has announced he’s visiting Israel this coming weekend to pursue economic development projects and to bring a “message of solidarity.” Cuomo also spoke out against recent acts of anti-Semitism at the Jewish Community Center in Albany.

Mike Groll / AP

In New York lawmakers are revving up for state budget negotiations. Governor Andrew Cuomo says his chief goal will be to get an extension on what’s known popularly as the millionaire’s tax.

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Suffolk County authorities have added members to an intelligence unit to handle the spike in the number of gang members in the county’s jails.

Report: Long Island's Water Contains Likely Carcinogen

Feb 28, 2017
Jeff Turner / Flickr

The Citizen’s Campaign for the Environment released a report that shows much of Long Island’s water supply contains the chemical 1,4-dioxane.