Long Island

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Suffolk County Police are deploying high-tech cars as bait to lure and trap car thieves.

The cars will be equipped with cameras, tracking devices and a kill switch to stop the vehicles.

The cars were donated by the insurance company MetLife and the non-profit National Insurance Crime Bureau.

County records show that there have been nearly 500 reported car thefts so far this year. That’s almost as much as last year’s total.  

Suffolk Police Commissioner Timothy Sini says this aggressive tactic will help catch thieves and reduce the number of car thefts.

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Long Island officials say that the Island has a serious wastewater problem. But what makes the water so dangerous?

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Banking regulators in New York have enacted new rules aimed at stopping the flow of money used to fund terrorists. The new rules could mean criminal charges for banks that allow terrorist money to pass through.

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As the Fourth of July weekend approaches, Suffolk Police Commissioner Timothy Sini is concerned about safety issues surrounding fireworks. Sini highlighted his concern at a press conference this week on summer safety issues.

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An 18-year-old West Point cadet is on life support after trying to save a swimmer from a rip current at a Southampton Village beach.