medical marijuana

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The nation's first hospice plans to study how medical marijuana can help dying patients.

Connecticut lawmakers are moving closer toward allowing qualified patients under 18-years-old to use medical marijuana to treat their debilitating illnesses.

The General Assembly’s Public Health Committee overwhelmingly approved the proposed legislation on Monday. It now awaits further action in the House of Representatives.

Veterans Want Coverage For Medical Marijuana

Mar 15, 2016
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At the counter of a dispensary in South Windsor, Conn., veteran Eddie Adkins flipped through a laminated menu of medical marijuana strains, doses and prices. He asked dispensary technician Lauren Boyette about a Cannibis sativa strain that he needs to treat his PTSD.

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Connecticut’s Department of Consumer Protection Commissioner has approved three new medical marijuana dispensary facilities.

Two of the facilities will be located in Milford and a third in Waterbury. All are expected to be open by early summer. 

Commissioner Jonathan Harris said the new facilities will help meet the medical needs of the over 1900 patients in Fairfield County, and the more than 2100 patients in New Haven County.

NY Medical Marijuana Program Begins

Jan 11, 2016
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New York State’s legal medical marijuana program has begun. Eight new dispensaries are opening around the state this week, and two are expected to open on Long Island later this month. Many doctors still aren’t eligible to prescribe marijuana to their patients.

In order to prescribe medical marijuana, doctors need to pay $249 to take a four-and-a-half hour course online from a private company called TheAnswerPage. Then, when they’re done, they have to register themselves with the state.