music interview

You're invited to join the Norwalk Symphony Orchestra's performance of a "Messiah Sing Along" on Saturday, December 5th at 5pm.  Professional soloists will join the orchestra and chorus as well, for what conductor Jonathan Yates describes as a "surround-sound" Messiah.  Kate Remington talked with Yates about this inclusive performance, and what the Messiah means to him.

The Klein Auditorium has been a fixture of Bridgeport Culture for 75 years, and on Saturday, Nov. 14 it's hosting a party. Some of the most notable artists and ensembles from the region will be performing. Kate Remington talked with Mark Halstead from the Greater Bridgeport Symphony, and Christopher Hisey, conductor of the Greater Bridgeport Youth Orchestra about their orchestra's parts in the celebration.

Did Beethoven write a Tenth Symphony? You'll have a chance to decide for yourself when the Stamford Symphony Orchestra performs an arrangement of sketches left behind by Beethoven that may have been intended for another symphony.  Kate Remington talks with guest conductor Kevin Rhodes about the symphony, and the other Beethoven works on the concerts November 14th and 15th.

Bungie Studios' video game, "Destiny," puts the player in an intense struggle to defend the last city on Earth from the evil forces of Darkness. Kate Remington talks with Michael Salvatori, co-composer of the score for "Destiny" who gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the process of writing epic music for an epic game. Salvatori's other music credits include the soundtracks for five Halo Games with Martin O'Donnell and C. Paul Johnson.

As dusk approaches on Sunday, Nov. 1, the Waterbury Symphony will be performing a program that features tenor Nicholas Phan with Britten's Serenade, as well as Mozart's serenade, "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik." Kate Remington talked with conductor Leif Bjaland about this unusual program.