Naval Submarine Base New London

Brian Scott Smitth / WSHU

On Tuesday the Naval Submarine Base New London, in Groton, Connecticut, celebrated its 100th birthday. Known as the “Home of the Submarine Force,” the base opened on June 21, 1916. It sits on the banks of the Thames River and is now home to 18 fast attack submarines and nearly 10,000 naval personnel.

(AP Photo/Jessica Hill)

Michelle Obama was in Groton, Connecticut this weekend. She christened a nuclear-powered submarine built at the General Dynamics Electric Boat factory. The submarine’s called the U.S.S. Illinois. It shares a name with Obama’s home state.

Submarine base chefs do battle

Apr 11, 2014
Brian Scott-Smith

Chefs at the submarine base in Groton, Connecticut competed on Thursday in a Food Network-style competition.  It was their version of the show Chopped, where chefs have to make meals from baskets of secret and sometimes strange ingredients against the stopwatch.