New Haven

Cassandra Basler / WSHU

Architect Mohamad Hafez is horrified at the destruction of his home country, Syria. He’s been in the United States for more than a decade and now uses sculpture as a way to tell the story of his disappearing homeland. Hafez is one of the artists featured at this weekend’s City-Wide Open Studios in New Haven.

Brian Slattery / Courtesy of the New Haven Independent

This fall City-Wide Open Studios in New Haven will feature 10 interactive art installations for the theme, “GAME ON!” WSHU’s Cassandra Basler tried some of the games at an arcade on Tuesday.

Bar Cars Returning To Conn.-N.Y. Commuter Trains

Sep 13, 2016
Joelle Schrock / WSHU

Bar cars are returning to commuter trains running between Manhattan and Connecticut after a two-year hiatus, restoring a tradition dating back some 50 years, to the delight of many commuters.

Lea Trusty / WSHU

A United Way food truck has started giving out more than just food in New Haven. Along with a nutritious meal, kids are also taking home one free book of their choice.

Sebastian Medina-Tayac

Over 2,000 miles from New Haven, Connecticut, is a rural town called Tetlanohcan. And there, you’ll see ads on the street for package delivery to New Haven.