New Haven

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A United Way food truck has started giving out more than just food in New Haven. Along with a nutritious meal, kids are also taking home one free book of their choice.

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Over 2,000 miles from New Haven, Connecticut, is a rural town called Tetlanohcan. And there, you’ll see ads on the street for package delivery to New Haven.

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The former Yale University dining hall worker who resigned after smashing a stained-glass window depicting slaves is asking for his job back.

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You've probably heard by now of Pokémon Go -- the augmented reality game sweeping the nation. The game, which came out July 6, is based on the hit ‘90s anime show that followed teens who train mythical animals for battle. It’s become wildly popular. Now, millions of people are running around with the phone game that allows them to find and train Pokémon by visiting real-life locations.

Audio Postcard: New Haven Bike Party Turns 1!

Jul 13, 2016
Katie Toth / WSHU

Every month, New Haven Bike Party takes to the streets to roll through the city in funny hats and costumes. And July was no exception: on Friday, July 7, the group celebrated its one-year anniversary with–well–a birthday party. A motley group of about 30 riders rolled through New Haven with balloons, funny hats, and brightly lit bicycles, while stopping for cake and beer along the way. 

WSHU’s Katie Toth spoke with New Haven organizer Coby Zeifman about Bike Party New Haven’s one-year birthday in this audio postcard. Have a listen: