New Haven

Anthony Moaton

Alternative public schools can be the last option for teens and young adults who are at risk of dropping out. They’ve existed since the 1970s, and have had a reputation for being bad schools for bad students. But there is a school in New Haven, Connecticut, that’s trying to change that.

Anthony Moaton / WSHU

The musical roots of New Haven, Connecticut, run deeper than you might think. And a new exhibit at the Gilmore Music Library at Yale University aims to showcase some of those musicians who grew up in New Haven.

goNewHavengo / Facebook

Two Yale University students are transforming two New Haven street parking spaces into temporary public spaces.

Ebong Udoma

A federal judge has ruled against the Tweed New Haven Airport Authority in its lawsuit against the state.

The suit was an attempt to overturn a state law that limits the length of the airport’s main runway to 5,600 feet.

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The Iraqi prime minister has vowed to keep his country together following Monday’s Kurdish referendum. He has ordered that the Kurdish region hand over airports to Iraqi federal authorities by Friday or face a flight ban.