New Haven Police

Training to become a police officer in New Haven

Aug 6, 2013
Brian Scott-Smith

The City of New Haven is looking for police recruits. Recently the police department held a recruitment drive to get the word out. Brian Scott-Smith went behind the scenes of the New Haven Police Academy to find out more about the training recruits go through to become a police officer.

Policing The Mentally Ill

Mar 29, 2010

In this two-part national Murrow Award-winning series, Mark Herz looks at training that helps police in their interactions with people who have mental illnesses.  

The first part takes us to a training session where police are immersed in the world of those with mental illness, it's part of what's called Crisis Intervention Training, or CIT.

In the second part, we go out on city streets with Lieutenant Ray Hassett of New Haven to see CIT in action.