New Haven

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More than 8,000 people listened Sunday night to Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont speak on the New Haven Green. The Democratic Presidential candidate was in Connecticut ahead of the state’s Tuesday primary.

Sanders repeated his call for a “political revolution” to end poverty by raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour and to make public postsecondary education tuition free.

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Four presidential candidates were in Connecticut over the weekend in an effort to rally support for their candidacies ahead of the state’s Democratic and Republican primaries tomorrow.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, an Independent who is seeking the Democratic Party presidential nomination, had the weekend’s largest rally.

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There are 17 charter schools – schools that are publicly funded but independently run - in the state of Connecticut. State lawmakers are considering a controversial bill that would put a moratorium on any new ones.

On Wednesday, supporters of charter schools spoke against the bill at a rally at a New Haven charter school. Speaker Desire Gonzales said she thinks charter schools have higher standards. Her son is in public school, and her daughter is in a charter school.

Henry Lowendorf, 2014


Al Marder of New Haven Connecticut has been a community activist, advocating for justice, equality, and world peace for six decades.  At age 93, he’s still active.  He’s president of the Amistad Committee, Chairman of the Connecticut Freedom Trail, and President of the Peace Council.  He’s a World War II veteran and a graduate of the University of Connecticut.  Al Marder is also the last survivor of a group of Connecticut Communist Party leaders prosecuted in New Haven in 1954. He spoke with WSHU's Tom Kuser about his life and work.  

Ted Salmon

An atheist backed by secular group the Freedom From Religion Foundation is suing the town of Shelton, Conn., for refusing to post his anti-religion banner in a public park during the Christmas season -- only months after another secular group announced plans to display a non-religious art piece in the city of New Haven this December.