New Haven

Reflecting On U.S. Response To Syrian Refugees

Nov 23, 2015
By Cassandra Basler

Connecticut welcomed a Syrian refugee family that was turned away by the governor of Indiana last week. A nonprofit in New Haven that works with refugees from Syria, and all over the world, said their refugee clients face challenges ahead.

Syrian American Artist Recreates Home

Nov 16, 2015
By Cassandra Basler

By day, Syrian-American Mohamad Hafez designs skyscrapers made of steel and glass. By night, the architect recreates the streets of his home country out of plaster and found objects. Hafez said he wants to preserve the culture of a country that’s been torn apart by civil war.

Today, veterans, friends, and families gathered for a service in New Haven’s Center Church on the Green to thank those who served and are serving in the United States Military.

Charlie Pickett who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom with the National Guard, said Veterans Day was originally founded to honor those lost before an armistice ended World War I. He said he thinks of the holiday as a day to build peaceful relationships.

If you were driving on the Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge, (or, as locals call it, the Quinnipiac River, or Q, Bridge) on I-95 in New Haven on Saturday afternoon, you may have seen an unusual sight. Thousands of people walked across the newly completed southbound side, where three new lanes are opening up Sept. 28.

The Connecticut Department of Transportation had invited residents to the bridge’s Grand Opening celebration. Or, a bridge party- complete with food trucks, ice cream, and views of the Quinnipiac River that commuter Barb Nangel said she’d probably never get to see again.

Katie Toth

Black firefighters in New Haven, Connecticut are praising their chief’s 15-day suspension of a lieutenant in the city Fire Department.