New York Department of Environmental Conservation

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says he wants the U.S. Navy and Northrop Grumman to pay for the cost of treating polluted groundwater on Long Island.

A growing plume of contaminated water stretches southward from the company’s World War II-era manufacturing site in Bethpage.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has proposed three options for treating the plume. The price-tag for these options ranges from 268 to more than 587-million dollars.

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The environmental group Long Island Soundkeepers is suing New York State’s Department of Environmental Conservation, and the company that runs Long Island’s biggest power plant.

The lawsuit says National Grid’s Northport Power Station is killing billions of fish in Long Island Sound. Adrienne Esposito, Executive Director of Citizens Campaign for the Environment said the station’s 50-year-old water cooling system uses water from Long Island sound to regulate the power station’s temperature.

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A report card released today by an environmental group gives Connecticut and New York pretty good grades for their efforts to reduce the amount of nitrogen pumped into Long Island Sound. The states have been working for a decade to reduce emissions of nitrogen coming from wastewater. Environmentalists say there’s still more to do.