New York

Mark Lennihan / AP

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara is bringing charges against a former portfolio manager in the state’s pension fund, saying he accepted bribes, which included prostitutes and illegal drugs, from two hedge fund brokers.

Julio Cortez / AP

Attorneys general in eight states and the District of Columbia have settled an inquiry into the on-call scheduling policies of several major retailers, resulting in more predictable work schedules for some 50,000 workers.

Hans Pennink / AP

Former President Bill Clinton cast his ballot for his wife, failed Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, at Monday’s Electoral College meeting in Albany. Clinton blames the loss on the Russians and the FBI.

Hans Pennink / AP

“Mr. Chairman we have seven votes for Hillary Clinton. Thank you.”

That was Connecticut State Representative Christopher Rosario, a Bridgeport Democrat, announcing the state’s Electoral College vote at a ceremony in the Senate Chamber at the Capitol in Hartford on Monday.

Bebeto Matthews / AP

Federal prosecutors have charged seven money managers from the hedge fund Platinum Partners with defrauding investors of $1 billion. The fund made risky loans but told clients their money was safe.