New York

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New York and Connecticut lawmakers are pushing again to halt the sale of Plum Island. The lawmakers want to make sure the island, which is home to several endangered species, remains undeveloped.

En Garde! A Fencing Renaissance For Kids On LI

Mar 23, 2016
JD Allen / WSHU

Fencing in the United States is more popular than ever.

Since 2001 the number of high school fencing teams has doubled nationally. Long Island is no exception.

Every Wednesday night Anthony Mattera, owner of the Suffolk Fencing Academy, teaches the basics of fencing to a dozen 8-year-old boys.

On any given school night, 80 to 100 students show up here to practice.

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New York State became the last state in the nation to legalize mixed martial arts (MMA), following a 113-25 vote in the Assembly on Tuesday. The bill was placed on the floor for a vote after a majority of Democrats backed the legislation.

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The New York Mets held open auditions for a chance to sing the national anthem at Citi Field in August.

The challenge: sing any song -- except the national anthem -- in under two minutes. Acapella.

Cuomo Sending National Guard To NY Airports

Mar 22, 2016
Mark Lennihan / AP

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is sending members of the New York National Guard to Kennedy and LaGuardia Airports following the terrorist attacks in Brussels.