New York

In Wake Of Orlando, Stonewall Vigil Attracts Thousands

Jun 14, 2016
Terry Sheridan / WSHU

Thousands gathered Monday night in front of the historic Stonewall Inn in New York to remember the victims of the mass shooting at an LGBT nightclub in Orlando. They also called for the federal government to enact gun control legislation.

What Is It About That Noo Yawk Accent Anyway?

Jun 11, 2016
Boston Public Library, Print Department

It’s no secret—Long Islanders have an accent. But how is it different from any other?

Professor Marie Huffman of Stony Brook University’s Linguistics Department says the Long Island accent is different from General American English in three main ways.

Mike Groll / AP

There are only three more days left in New York’s legislative session, and lawmakers are talking with Governor Cuomo about a number of bills, but keeping details close to the vest.

Michael Dwyer / AP

You can find plenty of fans of the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox in Connecticut—but the Yankees are a little more popular this year. That’s the takeaway from Quinnipiac’s 14th annual Connecticut Baseball Poll, released on Thursday. There’s one other finding in the poll: the New York Mets are picking up fans in Connecticut.

New York State Police via AP

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s inspector general has found that numerous security and oversight problems at the state prison in Dannemora contributed to the prison break of two inmates last year.