No Child Left Behind

Mike Groll / AP

In December U.S. Education Secretary John King proposed new regulations for Common Core testing in order to increase test participation. The Education Department cautioned that schools with test participation rates below 95 percent are at a risk of losing federal aid.  

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The contentious Bush-era education law known as ‘No Child Left Behind’ is possibly going to get an overhaul.  No Child Left Behind had forced states to test all children, and held schools accountable when low scores stayed low.

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Congress has drawn up a number of proposed bills to replace the No Child Left Behind Act, and U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer of New York says one of them could drastically cut federal funding for Long Island public schools.

No Child Left Behind was signed into law by George W. Bush in 2001. Among other things, it lays out how federal education funding is distributed to the states.

Every Conn. school given a report card

Dec 5, 2013

Connecticut education officials issued a report card for each school in the state Thursday. It showed that based on test data, more than half of Connecticut's schools met overall performance targets in the state’s new school accountability system. This is the first report on schools using that system.

Evaluations for each school in the state are online here.