Connecticut Muslims

Police in Norwalk, Connecticut say they were notified of anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant flyers posted on the windshields of cars this past Saturday. The flyers said that Allah was an extraterrestrial that received powers from the daily prayers of Muslims.

The flyers also said that immigrants needed to be banned and they and their families needed to be sent back to where they came from.

Farhan Memon is a board member with the Al-Madany Islamic Center of Norwalk. He told The Hour he was shocked by the flyer’s contents and that they spread misinformation about Islam.

Courtesy of St. Jerome Church / Facebook

More than 200 people of different faiths gathered at St. Jerome Catholic Church in Norwalk on Monday night to support Jung Courville and her family. She’s a mother of two U.S.-born boys and is facing deportation to South Korea.  

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It’s been nearly 70 years, and it’s still painful for Ed Spires to tell the story.

In 1948, Spires received an undesirable discharge from the U.S. Air Force because he was gay. Now the 91-year old from Norwalk is suing to have his status upgraded to honorable.

Ashlee Bunt / Swim Seventy

China’s Olympic swim team is training for the upcoming Rio 2016 Summer Olympics in a facility in Norwalk, Connecticut, called Swim Seventy.

Kaomi Goetz

Norwalk, Conn. became the first city in the state Tuesday to launch a mobile app that aims to help drivers find available parking spaces. It's called Parker and officials hope it will reduce frustration over finding places to park. 

  Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling conceded it's often hard to find one of the city's 4,000 parking spaces open at a press conference Tuesday.