Debora Cartagena / Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Nassau County Police say that Massapequa has turned into an opioid “hotspot,” and they warn about a possible bad batch of heroin.

Long Island Sees Success With Opioid Overdose Map

Mar 15, 2018
Eric Schmid / WSHU

On Long Island, East Meadow is the latest community to become part of Nassau County’s new opioid overdose mapping system. Officials say it’s the next step in the fight against the opioid crisis.

The new system maps overdoses and overlays related crimes in real time. It’s being rolled out one community at a time.

Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas says the program helps get drugs off the street.

David Goldman / AP

Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to impose a tax on manufacturers of prescription opioids to help pay for state programs that help people who are addicted to them. But some say it will be patients who will ultimately have to pay the price.

Courtesy of Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services

The State of Connecticut is starting a new public awareness campaign to address the opioid crisis. On Monday the State released a PSA called “Change the Script.”

The State is distributing the PSA and other materials to local health departments and providers around the state. It focuses on what are generally seen as the three prongs of the fight against opioid misuse: prevention, treatment and recovery.

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Scientists at Yale University think they’ve found one factor in what puts some people at higher risk of opioid addiction. It’s a genetic variation that works on the central nervous system.